Strategist & Copywriter

After managing sales at a local radio station for years, Jake’s clients demanded that he handle the full spectrum of their advertising needs. In 2006 Jake opened Crystal Clear Creative, Inc. and became the only brick and mortar advertising agency in the Mat-Su Valley.

Jake has a passion for helping clients say things in a way that is unusual enough that people will listen. “If I do my job right, clients will win. The exciting part is that I get to take them there.”

Outside of work you can find Jake riding around under a parachute with an airboat fan strapped on his back. If you know Jake, you know he is passionate about life and adventure. Whether he is paramotoring around the Valley, hiking through the Alaskan wilderness, or whipping up a gourmet meal you will find a man that fills his days with the things he loves.

Things he could never give up:

  • The word skosh

  • The Oil & Vinegar Store, Jalapeño Chardonnay Oil will change your life

  • Classical Music

  • Witty Banter

Anything written by these authors:

  • GK Chesterton

  • CS Lewis

  • Dean Koontz

  • Robert Jordan

  • Stephen King

  • Michael Crichton


Operations Manager

After a 6 years hiatus from the advertising industry, Lacey arrived at Crystal Clear Creative to become the to-do-list Queen. She finds joy in details and planning out the logistics of projects for our clients. “I love having a master plan.”

Lacey is a home grown Alaskan that spends as much time out and about in the Last Frontier as possible. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in Marketing, a Masters Degree in Teaching, Business Education and an Occupational Endorsement in Logistics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Anchorage.  

Things our ops manager couldn’t live without:

  • Kaladi Brothers Coffee

  • Snow

  • Non-fiction Books

  • Cookbooks

  • Traveling, 12 countries down, 184 to go


Graphic Design

Chandler finds inspiration in a wide range of sources from old school sign art, pinstriping, and neon work to modern day gig posters and flyer design. Having worked for local sign companies in addition to owning one of his own, Chandler has immersed himself in the design industry for over 16 years. He is a self proclaimed minimalist, “I like simple design that works.” His graphic design work at C3 wins for our clients.

In his free time Chandler can be found spending time with his kids, riding his 1968 Schwinn Lemon Peeler, eating baked beans straight from the can, or gently weeping.

His turn-ons include:

  • World Peace

  • Bible Trivia

  • Macramea

  • Tomfoolery


Production Engineer

Simply put; Dean is human. He carries with him ideas that either resonate with the masses or send them scratching their heads. He finds his motivation and inspiration within the good times and the bad, believing that each unique situation arises solely to become a muse.

Born and raised in the sweet bitterness of Alaska; he has written stories as a toddler, written songs as a teen and performed said songs as a young adult. The majority of his life has been spent creating, writing, recording, producing and/or performing some form of art for some form of audience.

After 8+ years on the production side of radio he left to erect a motion picture production house, writing, producing and directing a number of short films and one full-length feature film. His son and daughter are, “the coolest people (he’s) ever met.” His world revolves around these kids and his family and he prefers it that way.

He will always:

  • Have a dry & shadowy sense of humor
  • Have a beyond receding hairline
  • Have a hat in his general vicinity
  • Say, “bless you” after you sneeze

He will never:

  • Drink a Rockstar Energy Drink (unless you gift him one… cold please)
  • Choose drugs over hugs
  • Purchase an Apple product
    Say, “never.”


Web Developer

First of his name, The Unburnt (mostly), Breaker of instructions, Builder of shiny things. 

Born of humble beginnings somewhere in the woods, Kristopher learned how to survive the harsh wilderness by befriending The Great North American Opossum.

It was during his 16th rotation around the sun, that he felt drawn to the Last Frontier.
Unfortunately at that time, he only made it as far as California. There he learned more of the mystical arts of computer magic, how to strap an oxygen tank to his back and descend into the shadowy depths of the ocean, build robots, weld metal structures that nobody wanted or even asked for, as well as how to get repeatedly punched in the face for being a good Samaritan.

Not one to shy away from a fight, he ran toward Alaska again (in a highly-tactical, totally planned zigzag spirally backtracking pattern) and finally made it. Sometimes, he sees an equation on a blackboard, and just solves it (IN HIS HEAD).

Known Aliases:

  • !$#$%#%

  • %$#@!


  • Cares too much

  • Too Honest

  • Works too hard

There are endless options available to you when it comes to selecting an agency to help you reach your goals. We think your team should have a diverse background, mastery in multiple skillsets, be of varying ages, and all have the same annoying quirk: perfectionism. The thing is, who do you want on your team? Do you want a group that obsesses about every detail, or a group that tries to get it done as fast as humanly possible? Our team is extremely unique and around here, you are as likely to hear laughter as you are criticism. We pick each other’s work apart with one goal: that the final product we make for you, our client, is amazing. You want us in your corner. These interesting tidbits are just a few reasons why…



Our graphic designer has done time as a professional mascot, a traveling carny, and was once a minor player on the competitive yo-yo circuit.


Our radio production specialist once performed Chopin on a gold plated piano on the top floor of the world trade center mall in Hong Kong.


Our creative effects guru once convinced an entire California town that he grew up farming skunks in Missouri.


Our script and copywriter likes to wind down by strapping a giant airboat fan to his back and flying faster than his parachute falls... up and around the Alaska mountains.


Our operations and billing manager once stretched $800 into a 12 week vacation gallivanting across Europe.


Our lead photographer once held his breath for almost four minutes... while trapped under a floating dock.


Our sound designer, foley artist, and resident Eagle Scout from Chicago has hearing so good, he frequently describes listening to the whoosh of his pulse through his eyes.

We are at your service. Please feel free to contact us using the link below.