Intelligent Design Homes: Crafting a Digital Showcase for Custom Home Excellence

Project Overview: Intelligent Design Homes, renowned for its unique approach to custom home building, focuses on creating spaces that resonate with the modern family's lifestyle. Our team was tasked with encapsulating this ethos in their digital and visual identity, emphasizing their commitment to detail, craftsmanship, and client-centric design.

Services Provided:

  1. Graphic Design/Branding:
    • We developed a sophisticated logo and branding strategy that reflects the elegance and precision of Intelligent Design Homes. The branding was carefully crafted to resonate with their target audience, symbolizing quality, innovation, and attention to detail.
  2. Motion Graphics:
    • To add an engaging and dynamic element to their digital content, we created motion graphics. These were used on the website and in digital marketing materials to effectively communicate the process and value of Intelligent Design Homes' services.
  3. Photography:
    • High-quality photography was central to this project. We captured the essence of the homes designed by Intelligent Design Homes, focusing on the intricate details, spacious layouts, and unique elements that set them apart. These images were used across all platforms to visually tell the story of the brand.
  4. Video Production:
    • Our team produced professional videos showcasing the homes, client testimonials, and the design and building process. These videos provide an immersive experience, giving potential clients a real feel of what it’s like to live in an Intelligent Design Home.
  5. Beautiful Modern Website:
    • The creation of a modern, visually stunning website was paramount. The website features intuitive navigation and detailed galleries of past projects. It is designed to not only showcase the homes but also to guide and inform potential clients through the journey of selecting and customizing their dream home.

Impact: Through these combined efforts, Intelligent Design Homes now boasts a compelling digital presence that mirrors the quality and elegance of their custom homes. The new branding, enhanced with stunning visuals and an informative website, has elevated their market position, attracting a broader audience and increasing client engagement. Prospective clients now have a comprehensive online destination where they can visualize and initiate the process of creating their dream home.

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