Alaska Aerospace: Launching a Stellar Brand and Web Presence for the Space Industry

Project Overview:

Alaska Aerospace, a pioneering company in the space industry, sought to elevate its brand identity and digital footprint to reflect its innovative spirit and cutting-edge technology. C3 was tasked with creating a brand and web presence that resonates with the industry's dynamism and Alaska Aerospace's role as a leader in space exploration and technology.

Services Provided:

We provided a full range of creative services including web design and development, video production, branding and motion graphics.

1. Branding:

  • We developed a robust branding strategy that encapsulates the essence of Alaska Aerospace. This involved creating a modern and impactful logo and a brand identity that conveys the company's mission of innovation and exploration in the aerospace sector.

2. Graphic Design:

  • Our graphic design team crafted a series of visual assets that align with the new branding. This included the design of business stationery and presentation templates. Each element was meticulously designed to ensure consistency and to reinforce Alaska Aerospace's position as a futuristic and leading entity in the aerospace industry.

3. Website:

  • A state-of-the-art website was developed to showcase Alaska Aerospace's capabilities, projects, and achievements. The website features a clean, modern design with intuitive navigation, ensuring a user-friendly experience. It includes detailed sections on the company's services, news updates, career opportunities, and industry insights. The website's design is visually appealing and interactive, with multimedia elements like videos and dynamic infographics to engage visitors.


The new branding and website have significantly boosted Alaska Aerospace's image, aligning it with the company's forward-thinking and innovative ethos. This transformation has not only enhanced their professional appeal but has also played a crucial role in attracting new partnerships and opportunities in the aerospace industry. The cohesive brand identity and a dynamic online presence have positioned Alaska Aerospace as a prominent and progressive player in the global space sector.

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