Anchorage Associates in Radiation Medicine is a mouthful. 42 Characters and two glottal stops. Their old branding served its purpose for a long time, but the doctors wanted a brand that spoke to a promise. They are investing in the latest technology available anywhere in America and we are lucky enough to have it right in Anchorage, Alaska. As an umbrella, the four main centers of AOA were able to consolidate their 4 different marketing budgets and plans into one cohesive strategy, and it all started with the rebrand.

We proposed the name, the colors, and the design homage to the radiation flower used in their previous marketing. It was meant to convey a sunrise which is meant to convey the hope that their investment in specialized treatment technology means for Alaska.

We designed and built a new website for the umbrella, an introduction commercial, and various collateral used throughout the state at events, and in their offices. The new brand has been well received, and the practices continue to grow and thrive. Branding is one thing we are very good at, and executing a re-branding strategy well, is vitally important.

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