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Production Engineer

Simply put; Dean is human. He carries with him ideas that either resonate with the masses or send them scratching their heads. He finds his motivation and inspiration within the good times and the bad, believing that each unique situation arises solely to become a muse.

Born and raised in the sweet bitterness of Alaska; he has written stories as a toddler, written songs as a teen and performed said songs as a young adult. The majority of his life has been spent creating, writing, recording, producing and/or performing some form of art for some form of audience.

After 8+ years on the production side of radio he left to erect a motion picture production house, writing, producing and directing a number of short films and one full-length feature film. His son and daughter are, "the coolest people (he's) ever met." His world revolves around these kids and his family and he prefers it that way.

He will always:
Have a dry & shadowy sense of humor
Have a beyond receding hairline
Have a hat in his general vicinity
Say, "bless you" after you sneeze

He will never:
Drink a Rockstar Energy Drink (unless you gift him one... cold please)
Choose drugs over hugs
Purchase an Apple product
Say, "never."